MEME System Release Notes

MEME version 3.0 -- December, 2000

MEME version 2.2 -- February 25, 1998

  • MEME enhancements:
  • MAST enhancements:

    MEME version 2.1 -- March 25, 1997

  • MAST output now includes measurements of similarities between all pairs of motifs in the query and a warning if any motifs are too similar. (Too similar motifs in a query can cause some p-values and e-values to be underestimated. These motifs can be removed from the query and MAST re-run to avoid the problem.)
  • Cray T3E parallel computer now supported for MEME and MAST.

    MEME version 2.0 -- October 17, 1996

  • The output format of MEME has been improved to aid readability and user-friendliness.
  • MEME and MAST (Version 2.0) have been compiled and tested on
  • MAST has been completely rewritten to provide more accurate p-values and to run significantly faster.
  • A MAST server has been added to the MEME system website.
  • The MAST server lets you use the motifs found by MEME in your sequences to search a wide variety of sequence databases including:
  • Several improvements have been made to the MEME website:
  • NOTE and PROBER have been removed from the MEME system since their functionality is now superseded by MAST.

    MEME version 1.4 -- February 29, 1996

  • Megaprior heuristic added to MEME.
  • P-value computation added to MAST.
  • Various bug fixes to MEME.

    MEME version 1.3 -- December 18, 1995

  • MEME web server introduced!
  • Various bug fixes to MEME.

    MEME version 1.2 -- November 27, 1995

  • MAST homology searcher introduced!
  • Various bug fixes to MEME.

    MEME version 1.1 -- June 30, 1995

  • Initial release of MEME, NOTE and PROBER.